Creation Sunday – April 19th 2020 Celebrating 50th Anniversary of Earth Day

On Sunday April 19th, St. Mary’s will be having a special program during our 10:30 am broadcast to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day.  Earth Day falls on Wednesday, April 22nd, and is a day when all around the earth, humanity pauses to reflect on the beauty of God’s creation, and how we can do our part to bless, preserve and strengthen it.  Please click on the above image, to find a link to the Earth Day website, where communities of faith are being encouraged to join to together in this common effort for humanity to care for creation.


This Sunday we welcome to our 10:30 am service, Dr. Sylvia Keesmaat, a theology professor from Trinity College, at U of T.  Dr. Keesmaat is a scholar focusing on Creation Care and also operates an Organic / Sustainable farm outside of Fenlon Falls with her husband Brian Walsh, and their children.  We look forward to Dr. Keesmaat’s message and teaching on how Scripture is to guide us in our walk through creation, and in our caring of it.


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