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Other Endowments & Memorials

St. Mary’s has a number of specific funds in which money has been set aside in the hopes of supporting or empowering ministry in our church.  There are a number of small funds of a couple thousand dollars each, that have been earmarked for supporting future ministry.  If you are interested in supporting Family Programming, Music, Outreach or other ministries, there are a wide variety of ways to do so.

Memorials to St. Mary’s are often used to improve and maintain the buildings and gardens on the grounds, and to purchase sacramental items for worship services.  All of these gifts allow our parish to serve the congregation and our local community in a warm and welcoming way.  If individuals wish to make a memorial contribution or support any of our existing endowments, we would ask you to get in-touch with the office.  Once you’ve done that, a meeting can be arranged to discuss your ideas or thoughts, on what you would like to see accomplished through this gift.


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