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How Diverse is Saint Mary’s

The worshipping community that founded St. Mary’s in 1872 was originally connected to the United Kingdom and loyalists who came north after the American Revolution.  John Robert Arnold, a United Empire Loyalist donated the land on which the first St. Mary’s was built and completed in 1872.  He and his descendants are buried in our small churchyard.  Though we began with a very monochromatic heritage, things are just a little different today!

There is still a sizeable core of our community that traces its roots from this background, but if you join us on any given Sunday, you will find individuals from every continent and ethnic group.  As Canada has grown to welcome and receive many immigrants, many have chosen to make St. Mary’s their church.

St. Mary’s is also an accessible community, where we continue to work towards ensuring mobility and access is not impeded. Our leadership works hard to ensure our floor plan, washrooms, entrances & worship space continues to be wheelchair and mobility friendly. Within the diversity of our community we welcome: all ages, races, gender identities, those with physical or mental challenges, those experiencing different stages of Alzheimer’s or Dementia and others. We have a warm, welcoming and diverse community here.  Please come join us!


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