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Vision and Mission Statement

St. Mary’s is a parish in the Anglican tradition, that embodies the love of God revealed to the world through God’s son, Jesus Christ. The People of this church feel empowered by God’s Holy Spirit and are committed to authentically showing that love and being that love where ever it is needed.

Our community draws strength from; serving others, being family to each other, engaging in communal prayer and worship, being open to holy learning and by letting God speak to our souls through music, art, nature and prayer.

St. Mary’s embraces a community mindset, where all success and goodness is to God’s Honour and Glory. We embrace sharing our worship spaces with other churches. We support community and arts groups by sharing our program space. Our church building is our spiritual home, and it is where we reach out with others, to others and model a holy love, that lifts, liberates and blesses in every way it can.

At the heart of this community is the word, family. This faith community is a vessel, which carries us all through the storms of life. It draws people from differing paths and priorities and melds us together as God’s loving family. It is a place where we can grow in our ability to love God, each other and even ourselves.

The Five Pillars for St. Mary’s Vision

Ministry that makes a difference

  • We connect with people and God by offering inspiring worship relevant to our times
  • We build caring relationships to support each other on our Christian journey
  • We provide enriching programs that support all of the people at St. Mary’s

Engaged Leadership

  • We all share in the leadership of St. Mary’s
  • We are committed to ongoing leadership identification and training
  • Our leaders are trustworthy, open and communicate our shared vision

Compassionate Outreach

  • We open our doors responding to all who need help
  • We prayerfully explore outreach opportunities and needs
  • We actively go into the community and share our gifts and resources

Faithful Stewardship

  • We use our property for community support
  • We identify and share our skills, talents and gifts effectively within St. Mary’s and our community
  • We communicate our ministry opportunities with the congregation to encourage their stewardship commitment

Passionate spiritual growth

  • We believe that growing in our faith and our relationships with God is essential to our spiritual growth
  • We provide a variety of avenues for developing spirituality and attracting people to our faith
  • We explore opportunities for alternative expressions of spirituality


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