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St. Marys Budget & Finances

St. Mary’s Anglican Church manages it expenses through the support of the members of our congregation.  Our operating budget is supported through envelope givings and offering plate contributions.  Presently we collect these offerings each Sunday during services, and also through monthly direct deposit transfers.  All donations to St. Mary’s that amount to over $20/year, are eligible for a tax receipt, which can be claimed as a charitable deduction on your tax returns.

Every February, the parish comes together for our AGM, also known as “Parish Vestry.”  At this meeting we review the past year’s audited financial statements, and approve our proposed budget for the coming year.  Copies of these reports are published at the end of January, and made available to all for review.  The elected church leadership, Churchwardens, Treasurer and Senior Clergy, prepare the budget in consultation with ministry leaders and using the past year’s audited returns to guide projections for the coming year.

To ensure the parish and financial contributors are aware of the current financial situation, the leadership posts financial updates on a quarterly basis.  These updates arrive with our seasonal mailings or newsletters, which come out at Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter and at the start of the Summer.


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