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St. Mary’s Heritage Fund

In 1991, the parish of St. Mary’s Anglican Church established a capital trust fund, into which all general purpose gifts and payments, and bequests by will and proceeds of life insurance could be held. These funds are under the discretion of St. Mary’s Wardens. The Wardens, Incumbent and 2 members of the congregation make up the Fund Advisory Committee, who together work to manage the fund.

The Wardens may disburse monies from the Heritage Fund in order to further the purpose and mission of the Parish of St. Mary’s. The object and purpose of the Heritage Fund is to repair and renovate parish buildings and more generally to perpetuate the Parish and its mission in the Town of Richmond Hill and our outreach mission beyond.

Under the Heritage Fund Resolution approved at St. Mary’s Vestry on February 12th, 2012 the Wardens use of this fund falls into 3 categories. If there is a situation where the Wardens feel a need to make a disbursement from the Fund for under $25,000, they are eligible to do so at their discretion at any time. If the Wardens feel there is a need to make a disbursement from the Fund for between $25,000 and $50,000, they are required to advise Parish Board beforehand. If the Wardens feel there is a need to make a disbursement from the Fund for over $50,000, they shall do so only after Vestry approval has been obtained.

In the past St. Mary’s has used Heritage Fund money to work on our Roof, Eaves, Heating, Chapel or other emergency building projects. We have used a large portion of our Heritage Fund reserves in 2018 to supplement a fundraising campaign to repair roof leaks and water damage across 4 sections of the church. The balance of this fund currently sits at approximately $30,000. Should any individuals wish to contribute to this fund or include it in their estates, please feel welcome to call the office and the parish leadership would be happy to meet with you.


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