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Forms & Policies


Safety and Security is a top priority at St. Mary’s Anglican Church. Both for our volunteers and our program participants. The Anglican Diocese of Toronto and our Bishops’ mandate that all parishes have internal screening systems that help prepare volunteers for ministry and also ensure that no individuals who have criminal records be placed in situations with vulnerable people. High risk volunteer positions are ones that involve leading programs with minors or vulnerable individuals. Medium and Low Risk involves supportive roles and roles that don’t involve any handling of finances or counselling. Volunteers are always needed and welcomed, as our church cannot function without the input and assistance of our members. We thank all who volunteer for their time and energy. For any individuals who are new to our community or are considering joining St. Mary’s, we want you to know that we take our responsibility and the safety of your children seriously. If you have more questions about this or are interested in helping to support our work, please speak to the office or any of our Church Leaders.


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