Employment Opportunities

Job Description – Music Director and Organist

Supervisor’s Title: Rector

Purpose of Position

The Organist and Music Director will ensure that both our traditional and contemporary worship services are enhanced through the use of music (instrumental and choral) so that the congregation is encouraged to participate.  All activities associated with this position should be achieved in a manner consistent with the Parish Mission and Vision Statement and associated policies and practices.

Major Responsibilities

  • Provide leadership in a ministry of music which is sensitive to the transitions, goals, needs, and practices of the parish and to the changes in liturgical seasons.
  • Play the organ or piano at Sunday and major Holy Day Services.
  • Maintain, attend, nurture, recruit for, and direct a choir, offering one choir practice each week for up to 9 months a year.
  • In collaboration with and under oversight of the Rector, recommend appropriate hymns, songs, and anthems for Sunday and Holy Day services.
  • Provide music for occasional services, including, when available, weddings and funerals held in the church. In consultation with the Rector, find suitable supply musicians when needed.
  • Meet regularly with the Rector to plan music and liturgy for Sunday services and Holy Days.
  • Be responsible for the parish music library and within the limits of the annual budget, purchase choir music and vestments, and pay for supplemental musicians. Be responsible for submitting an annual budget to the Churchwardens for approval by the Vestry.
  • Oversee congregational hymnals and other liturgical music resources, making recommendations for purchases and new music to the Rector.
  • Inform Rector and Wardens of repair / maintenance needs for organs and piano and, subject to their approval, arrange / contract necessary repair / maintenance work.
  • Attend staff meetings with necessary.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Terms and Conditions

  • Under the Diocesan Responsible Ministry: Screening in Faith policy, this is a “high-risk” ministry position. Any offer of employment will be conditional upon a satisfactory background check, obtained through the process approved by the diocese.  The Organist and Music Director will also be required to attend a Sexual Misconduct Policy workshop at St. Mary’s.
  • The initial appointment will be for 12 hours per week for a renewable one-year term, subject to successful completion of a probational period of three months.
  • The salary is negotiable, but will fall within general RCCO guidelines. Additional fees will be paid for weddings and funerals.  All remuneration will be subject to withholdings and deductions required by law and Parish policy, the costs to be shared by the employee and the employer as policy dictates.
  • This position will include four weeks paid vacation a year to be scheduled in consultation with the Rector, but never during festival seasons (Christmas, Holy Week, Easter).

Applications will be accepted until Nov 14, 2023.  Please send applications to revkaren@saintmarysanglican.ca.  Only selected applicants will be contacted for interviews.


Job Description – Office Manager

Supervision and Support:        Reports to: Incumbent and Church Wardens

Purpose of the Position:

The Office Administrator will ensure the efficient working of the parish office, assisting the Rector, Churchwardens, other Clergy, and staff in parish administration responsibilities. This position also involves working with the parish treasurer to assist in the management of parish finances.  Activities associated with this position should be achieved in a manner consistent with the St. Mary’s mission statement, goals, and objectives.  All diocesan and parish policies and practices must be adhered to particularly the Diocese of Toronto’s Sexual Misconduct and Screening process.

Population(s) served:

Staff members, parish leaders, service people, parishioners, Diocesan staff, and the community.

Duties and Responsibilities:


  • Maintain and update posts on parish website.
  • Co-ordinate and publish weekly e-newsletter.
  • Prepare weekly service materials (PowerPoint presentation).
  • To be pastorally sensitive for all wo enter the parish office or seek ministry over the telephone. The intermittent nature of visitors and inquiries will require that the Administrator be interrupted during tasks in order to greet and assist people.
  • Oversee the operation of the phone system, voicemail, and voice greetings.
  • Manage all incoming mail: mail and email.
  • Open and respond to mail including email, which should be opened and distributed daily.
  • Assist parish groups in ordering and receiving materials.
  • Co0ordinate the collection of reports to compile the annual report.
  • Validate / verify invoices for accuracy and alignment to quotes or contracts.
  • Update and post monthly calendars for all events and parish activities.
  • Maintain and update the parish filing system including the key inventory and lock box allocations / combination numbers.
  • Arrange for repairs and maintenance of office equipment or other items approved by wardens, (i.e. Items such as minor building repairs, office equipment servicing, etc).
  • Primary contact to Vendors, Service Providers, and deliveries.
  • Research and recommend service contract commitments for St. Mary’s.
  • Maintain a neat and welcoming parish office.
  • Produce the special worship service resources (Funeral, Baptism, Wedding bulletins) as required.
  • Periodically train staff and volunteers in the use of appropriate office equipment and procedures.
  • Oversee and maintain an up to date parish directory, calendar, and service schedule. Provide copies when requested.
  • Schedule weekly broadcast sessions for the Sunday 10:30AM service and other services as requested.
  • Prepare a quarterly roaster for volunteers who operate the broadcast equipment.
  • Maintain a record of all contracted tenants; contact information, contract dates, insurance dates, and associated fees.
  • Manage the bulletin board materials and keep the bulletin board area neat and up to date.
  • Manage the booking and facility rentals system and respond to queries concerning cost and availability.
  • Assist in developing long term lease agreements with tenants and co-ordinate any approvals required by the Diocese.
  • Ensure proper arrangements are in place for insurance coverage for the use of facilities, if not covered by a blanket policy.
  • Maintain a record of the reservations and booking of all parish spaces under the direction of the wardens.
  • Respond to renter inquiries or requests as the primary parish contact.
  • Reproduce and mail certificates and other documents as needed.
  • Work with committee’s and groups to update their sections of the parish website as needed.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.


  • Prepare bi-weekly deposit for bank.
  • Assist in compiling the year end related bookkeeping documents for the annual audit.
  • Process and manage expense requests / payments for church expenses.
  • Compile and produce annual church report and financial statement (Vestry Report).


Skills / Knowledge Required:

  • Works well independently
  • Proven ability to maintain confidentiality
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Work ethics compatible with church’s values
  • Excellent computer skills and ability to work with various software programs and websites
  • Above average communication skills including phone and written
  • Comfortable with simple accounting
  • Good organization and time management skills
  • Organized
  • Experience in a volunteer environment, as asset
  • Ability to multi-task

Qualifications Needed:

  • Computer training or equivalent experience

Limits of the Position:

Ethics and confidentiality

Because of the nature of the work, certain information must be held in strictest confidence.  Work will be conducted in accordance with all applicable laws, diocesan and parish policies particularly the Diocese of Toronto’s Sexual Misconduct and Screening Policies.

Failure to comply with these laws and policies, including the duty to act honestly, will constitute cause for termination.

Terms of work / service:

  • Initial contract will be for 1 year, with 3 months probationary period.
  • There will be an annual performance review.
  • 4 day work week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday)
  • Hours: 10 am – 3 pm

Training Provided:

  • Position specific training (pre-requisite)
  • “On the job” training
  • Diocesan Sexual Misconduct Training

Position Risk Assessment:

  • High

Benefits & Opportunities:

  • Have a profound effect on the. Working environment of the parish.
  • Be a critical member of the parish ministry team.
  • Play a key role around communication.
  • Work with some great people.

Please send your cover letter and resume by email to: office@saintmarysanglican.ca, Attention: Reverend Karen Hatch



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