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Music at St. Mary’s

“To listen seriously to music and to perform it are among our most potent ways of learning what it is to live with and before God.”
—Rowan Williams, former Archbishop of Canterbury, A Ray of Darkness

Music at St. Mary’s is a core element of our parish life.  We have long been known for our uplifting and empowering liturgical music.  At St. Mary’s, music is a ministry of its own.  It enlivens our religious experience and provides an important spiritual dimension to our worship.

At the very heart of our music program is our choir, who enhance our worship and liturgy, as they sing to the Glory of God.  St. Mary’s offers an unparalleled array of inspiring programming by talented vocal and instrumental performers in our historic worship spaces throughout the year, in addition to our liturgical music at worship services.

I invite you to explore the following music pages of this website to learn more about Music at St. Mary’s. For any questions or enquiries, please email me: soyoung.shin@saintmarysanglican.ca

With best wishes,

Soyoung Shin

Organist and Director of Music


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