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First Communion

In the Anglican Tradition we view baptism as the point of committing to a walk of faith and receiving full relationship with Jesus, through following him into the waters of baptism. Through baptism we are united to Christ as brothers and sisters, becoming fellow heirs to the promises and gifts of God. Baptism as the beginning point of our journey, means that it can sometimes take a while for us as Christians to grow into wisdom or the different customs and traditions of our faith. Some individuals or families will have members that will wait for confirmation before they begin receiving Holy Communion, while others start receiving shortly after baptism at an early age. Both are approved by our church, and families will make the choices that feel right for them.

When a family has a younger member that may not be confirmed, but is desiring to be part of the family that receives communion on Sunday, what should you do? We advise that you pray on it as a family and if you are feeling that your family member is ready to begin receiving Holy Communion, then it would be time to register for one of our First Communion Programs. Individuals who sign up for this program can already be receiving communion or may use this journey to prepare themselves for their first reception of this Sacrament. We are currently looking to offer a First Communion Instruction Program starting after Easter 2019. Any individuals wishing to participate should contact the office to register.


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