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Offering Envelopes

To help our church volunteers record your financial contributions accurately every year, it is best to have a church envelope number.  Once you have this number, you can anonymously make your contributions to the church, by putting your number on the outside of your offering envelope, without needing to use your name.  If you do not have an envelope number or would like one, please email or call the office, and we can create one for you.

Offering envelopes are available in the church every Sunday.  There are large boxes of blank envelopes, from which individuals can take a number home for their use, or just pick up as needed each Sunday.  Season offerings occur at special times during the year, and these envelopes are mailed out or are available at the church entrance as well.  Special givings are usually collected on Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter.

If parishioners are not able to recall what their contributions have been over the past year and want some information, the office and envelope team are always willing to help.  If you have an envelope balance or accounting enquiry, please call or email the office and we’ll look to provide a response to any and all questions.


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