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The activities and programs of St. Mary’s are managed and overseen by a variety of groups and individuals.  The senior group of leaders responsible for finances, administration and management is known as ‘The Corporation.‘ This group is comprised of the 4 wardens and the Senior Parish Priest.  The Parish Treasurer is also a member, but attends in a non-voting role.  This group works on a consensus model to undertake leadership and management decisions, to help further the work and ministry of our parish church.

The next cluster of leadership is the network of specific ministry groups and teams that exist in our parish system.  These local groups that look after the various ministry, social or building responsibilities, all have senior leaders that all participate in a parish wide system, known as ‘Parish Board.’  This group looks to share information from the senior leadership team, out into the network of parish groups, while also bringing back input and direction at the same time.  You’ll find the names of Parish Board members in bold print below.  These collaborative models seek to create a good flow of information within the parish, that allows us to maintain a cohesive system.

In late February of every year, St. Mary’s holds its Annual General Meeting, also known as ‘Vestry.‘  At this meeting we share our yearly progress reports, share audited statements, approve our next year’s budget, elect new leaders and conduct any formal business needed.  Please connect with the wardens if you would like more information or have any questions.


2019 Parish Leadership

Appointments for Vestry

Vestry Clerk – Catherine Goodman
Parish Tribunal – John Martin, Betty Lehming

Appointments by Rector

Rector’s Warden – Colin Webb
Deputy Rector’s Warden – Charlie Mills
Parish Board Member at Large – Julie Hastie

Appointments by Wardens

Treasurer – Maggie Veltheer
Envelope Secretary – Lucy Quintero
Deputy Envelope Secretary – John Martin
Heritage Fund Advisory Committee – Kola Deru, Jim Stockall

Appointment by Rector and Wardens

Chair of Property Usage – Betty Romanchuk

Wardens, Synod Delegates, and Others Elected by Vestry

People’s Warden – Sharon Hanns
Deputy People’s Warden –  James Agyeman

Lay Delegates to Synod – Joe McEwen, Monica Woodley

Alternate Delegates to Synod –  Gleniss Harris, Sharon Hanns

Parish Board Member at Large – Kola Deru

Committee Chairs/Representatives Chosen by their Committees

8 am Service –  Joe McEwen
ACW –  Marlene Gardiner
Archives – Norman McMullen
Communications – Colin Webb
Green Team – Barry Rollinson
Land Use/Development – Ron Smit
Outreach – Lyne Webb
Property – Colin Webb
Sidespeople – Karl Lashley
Sunday School – Julie Hastie

Parish Board Officers Elected by the Board are:

Chair – Joe McEwen
Vice-Chair – Karl Lashley
Secretary – Catherine Goodman


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