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Who is Jesus

What is God?  What would it be like to know God?  What is the core nature of the creator of the universe?  These questions and others often describe a main aspect of our journeys of faith, as we attempt to know and truly understand  the divine.

Our faith tradition believes that God has revealed Himself through the Bible, and that God has revealed Himself most clearly through the gift of His Son, Jesus Christ.

In Jesus, God makes Himself known personally to each believer through the work of the Holy Spirit.  Our community believes that it is our calling to make known to others this good news.  We do this in how we attempt to live out our lives, and in our desire to care for and support others.

Followers of Jesus Christ, consider themselves part of the Jesus Movement.  The Jesus Movement is the ongoing community of people who centre their lives on Jesus and follow him into loving, liberating and life-giving relationship with God, each other and creation.  Please come visit our community in person to begin or deepen your journey of discover with Jesus.

We also invite you to continue your exploration of our website, to uncover what it is like in our community, to follow Jesus and to walk with him in your life.  For additional resources, we would also commend to you an online resource from the Anglican Church in the United States  (a.k.a. “The Episcopal Church”).  Through your journey of faith, may the love of Jesus bless you and grow in you!



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