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Merchant Card Program

The Merchant Card Program seeks to generate revenue for our Outreach programs and is a convenient means for St. Mary’s to obtain grocery cards for those in need.

It is also a convenient way for you to pay for goods you would buy anyway. You receive full value for your Merchant Card purchases, e.g., a $250 gas card costs you $250 and buys you $250 worth of gas. A wide variety of Merchant Cards is available: for gas, groceries, books, clothing, gifts, building supplies, restaurants, and more. The choices are enumerated on the forms.

We purchase cards at a small discount. This discount is what helps support Outreach programs.

Order forms are available here:

Simple Order Form (pdf)
Order Form (Excel Spreadsheet)
Order Form (OpenDocument Spreadsheet)

The spreadsheets calculate the total payable for you.

Download an appropriate form, fill it in and print it . . . or print it and fill it in . . . and bring it to the church at any time along with your payment cheque payable to St. Mary’s Anglican Church. We will process your order as soon as accumulated orders reach the break-even value of $500. Cards arrive within a few days of our supplier accepting our order.

Please consider supporting Outreach by utilizing this program.


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