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Why Go To A Church?

We believe that the central thing we do as Christians is to gather together for worship.  This act of fellowship and teaching, is a time where we come together to be strengthened in body, mind and spirit.

Our main opportunity to do so is Sunday morning worship.  This is the main time during the week when members of the congregation come together as a community.  During this time together we enter into a sacred time of prayer, where we put ourselves intentionally in a holy space.  Through our life of prayer we seek to draw closer to our creator, to ensure that our actions and choices are holy and good, not simply automatic responses to challenges and chances of everyday life.

Our worship life is rooted in historic traditions of the church, as each Sunday we gather and share in Holy Communion, to follow Jesus’ words of instruction at the last supper.  At his last meal before his death on the cross, Jesus encouraged his closest friends to know that as they broke bread in his name, he would be with them.  We invite you to come join us, and to come to know Jesus through the breaking of bread in his name.

Please feel free to check out this link, that describes in some further detail about what an Anglican worship experience would be like.



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