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Pre-Authorized Giving

Once you have your church envelope number, you can place your cheque or cash contributions in an offering envelope and give them at the church.  However, we know that many families and parishioners are not able to join us every week, but still want to ensure their church has the finances needed to meet its ongoing financial needs.

To ensure that this can happen, St. Mary’s has a Pre-Authorized Givings program, also know as PAG.  Our PAG program operates on a system, that allows parishioners to give monthly direct deposit contributions.  This system operates automatically and means that regardless of where you may be, your donations will automatically be made to help support St. Mary’s.

To sign-up or enroll, please connect with our envelope team or the office, and they would be glad to assist.  PAG enrollment forms are available here (PDF) and in the church lobby, and our team would be happy to answer any questions individuals may have.

Pre-Authorized Giving Form



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