Vision Statement

The Anglican Community of St. Mary’s Richmond Hill has been working to strengthen and support the growth and development of families in our local community since 1862. Ten years before our first church was built in 1872, we began to draw together as a group of families, seeking to support each other in our daily lives, while also strengthening our spiritual selves to live into all that God was calling us to be and do! Our community continues this work in the present day, as we place a high priority on the gathering of our church family for prayer, fellowship and a life of service in the name of Jesus Christ.

As our parish has journeyed through the pandemic, we have worked to offer online and in-person programs, and continued to draw our youth together to ensure that they did not loose contact with each other or with their faith.

Our goals through our Next Gen Ministry is to commend the love of God, revealed to us through his Son Jesus to all people. We aim to do so in a way that blesses others and reveals the joy of being in union with other Christians on this journey. Come journey and join us on this wonderful adventure!


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