At Home Pancake Supper – Feb 16th, 2021

Hello friends.  This year, instead of joining in person for our annual pancake supper, we invite you to enjoy your own pancakes at home, to symbolically prepare for the beginning of Lent on this coming Tuesday.

Shrove Tuesday, the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday, is recognized by Christians around the world by different names, and is often called Pancake Day. (Fastnacht and Mardi Gras are two of the names given to this day in German and French.)  It is a day of feasting on pancakes, doughnuts, and all things fattening.

Historically, Shrove Tuesday was the last time to eat fat, butter, and eggs (ingredients used in pancakes) which many people decide to fast from during Lent. Different countries observe this as a time for fun and fellowship for all the ages and have Pancake Day activities such as pancake flipping races, pancake decorating, and other activities. 

Usually celebrated as a pancake supper in congregations across many Christian denominations, this year due to Covid, most celebrations will be from home.  We encourage all members to consider planning your own dinner, and journey with your fellow members of St. Mary’s this Tuesday, as we adjust our habits and routines, to make space to walk more deeply with Jesus this Lent.  


Fr. Matthew+

If you would like to try and make your own pancakes from Scratch, please click here for a recipe and some basic instructions.   Bon Appétit!!


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