Richmond Hill Climate Strike – Sept 27th

On Friday September 27th, individuals from across our local community will gather for a lunch time rally to participate in the Global Climate Strike at the intersection of Major Mackenzie and Bayview.  This effort is to draw attention to the present environmental challenges that through humanities own neglect or willful disregard, we have collectively burdened God’s creation with.  The hope of this Strike and rally for environmental concern, is to encourage our whole community to respond and act in unison and then together labour to bring about the change needed to heal and restore the health of God’s creation.

After the main lunchtime rally, St. Mary’s will be hosting a community rallying point on our front lawn, on Yonge Street from 2-4pm.  Please join us next Friday, September 27th from 2 – 4pm to encourage your fellow citizens to labour together and to be hopeful that we can bring a positive force to bear against the climate changes that have been impacting the whole earth.  Please speak to a member of St. Mary’s Green Team if you would like more information or have any questions.


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