St. Mary’s Official Church Reopening Sunday March 21st, 2021

At our March Wardens Meeting, St. Mary’s parish leaders approved our reopening plans for St. Mary’s, which we are pleased to announce.  As of Sunday, March 21st, St. Mary’s will be resuming public in-person worship at both our 8 am and 10:30 am Sunday Services.



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On Tuesday, March 16th the parish will be launching an online reservation system, where anyone wishing to attend an 8 am or 10:30 am service is able to use the parish website and reserve a specific pew at your desired service.  For those who prefer to call the office to reserve seating, please call (905) 884-2227 and our Office Administrator Betty Lehming will be happy to process your reservation for you.


Please remember, that to attend a service at St. Mary’s, you will need to pass our screening review, to ensure that all who are coming to a service are not putting the health and safety of others at risk.


Screening Review Questions

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  1. Do you have any signs or symptoms of Covid-19?
  2. Have you had a recent exposure to an individual who is Covid positive?
  3. If you have just return from travel out of the province or out of the country, have you completed your 14 day quarantine?


If any of your responses indicate that you are at risk of exposure to Covid, we would ask you to stay home and wait till you are able to pass all the screening questions before re-booking to attend another service.


As services reopen, we will continue with our 10:30 am live broadcasts every Sunday and look forward to worshipping together in body and in spirit.



St. Mary’s Wardens


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