St. Mary’s Australia Day Highlights

On Sunday, January 26th, the people of St. Mary’s joined together with Australian Canadians and others to celebrate Australia’s National holiday.  At our service on the 26th, our parish was able to share the story of the current conditions of the wildfires raging in Australia and draw the congregation together in prayer to uphold the people, as they beginning coming together to plan their moving beyond this tragedy.

This Sunday, St. Mary’s leadership has shared with our congregation and Sunday School, that our parish has adopted and paid for the medical costs of a young koala, that has been rescued from one of the fire zones.  Please find below a copy of our Koala Adoption Certificate of Paul, who is recovering from the effects of the wild fires at the Koala Hospital in Port Macquarie, Australia.  May God continue to walk with the people of Australia and lead them into an opportunity to renew and re-energise their country in the wake of this tragedy.



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