St. Mary’s Gardening Team Update (Spring 2021)

The St. Mary’s Gardening Team is planning to start work on the gardens this March. We met recently and have developed a plan to further enhance our beautiful grounds with pollinator plants and other natural species. The lovely sunny spot to the right of the main church entrance has many “Garden Sunshine” roses which appear to have survived the winter. There are some plans for this area. Watch this space!

At present, our Quadrangle area needs some attention. Last summer two large overgrown shrubs were removed and this year we will be looking to replant this area. We will be working on turning this space into a memorial garden this summer. If parishioners would like to help purchase shrubs or small trees in memory of friends or parishioners who have died during this period of COVID 19, please contact us via the office and we’d be happy to speak to you in more detail about our plans and how you can help. Sincerely, St. Mary’s Gardeners

– Jenny R., on behalf of the gardening team


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