July 6th, St. Mary’s Special Vestry (Meeting Report)

Minutes now available.

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St. Mary’s held a Zoom meeting on Monday, July 6th at 7 pm, to vote on a proposal regarding the sale of the vacant land between the church and the two houses at the corner of Yonge and Major Mackenzie.  The Area that was being proposed for sale is circled in yellow, while the location of the church is in red.

At our meeting this motion was passed by a vote of; 48 in favour and 1 against, with 1 abstention.  To see a copy of the text for the motion that was passed, or to review the meeting’s agenda, please click on the Agenda button below.


If you would like to view a copy of all materials related to this meeting, please click on the Minutes button below, to view a copy of the official minutes, which have been compiled for the parish and our next steps with the Diocese.


Our process will now continue with the submission of a package to the Diocese to receive the final approvals.  This package will include; a letter of support from Bishop Fenty, our Strategic Plan, Building & Engineering Reports, Land Surveys & Appraisals, and our Vestry Minutes.  In September, these will be reviewed by Diocesan Executive Committees, then forwarded to Diocesan Council for a final vote.  We will keep the parish informed as this process continues forward.

Thank you again to all the members of St. Mary’s who joined us for our meeting.  A special thank you to Jennifer Ferdinand, for all her volunteer efforts to organise and manage our Zoom meeting.


St. Mary’s Wardens


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