St. Mary’s Friday, July 17 WebNews Parish Opening Update from Diocese

Dear friends,

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(This issue covers events from July 17th until July 24th.)


St. Mary’s and all the congregations in our Diocese received a formal letter from our Diocesan Bishop early Friday evening, regarding formal opening plans for services in September.  For those who would like to read this document, please click here or the image below, to find Bishop Asbil’s letter to the Diocese.

This update lays out a target of Sunday, September 13th, as a possible first Sunday that we may be able to return to services in the church.  You will find throughout this letter, references alluding to re-opening guidelines from the Diocese.  Your parish leaders are currently preparing these details and also working to liaison with our other groups, to ensure all of us are ready to return safely to our patterns of prayer, service and fellowship.  For those who are interested in seeing the detailed requirements that our Diocese has established for re-opening parishes, please follow the links provided in Bishop Asbil’s letter.


Fr. Matthew+


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