St. Mary’s Family Fun Night — Saturday, November 23rd

It is time for St. Mary’s next Family Fun Night!  Come and join your parish family for a relaxing night out.

What do you need to bring, well the answer is just yourself and maybe your favourite game!  On Saturday, November 23rd we’ll be meeting in Wrixon Hall from 5pm till approximately 8pm for an evening of fun for the whole parish family.  We’ll be bringing out our two ping-pong tables, setting up our Nintendo Switch and putting on a variety different activities that everyone can enjoy.  Don’t feel like cooking, not to worry.  We’ll be ordering in Pizza and everyone can just toss in a couple dollars and grab a slice or two as your hunger dictates.  Pop, Juice and Water will be available as well.

For those able, please help us with our food order by either calling the office (905-884-2227) or putting your names on the sign-up sheet at church, so we know what type of numbers to expect.

Hope to see you there!


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