St. Mary’s Blessings Box

Introducing – St. Mary’s Blessings Box

The Outreach & Social Justice Committee is pleased to announce that the pantry box, now known as the Blessings Box, has been installed outside the church on the front lawn by the staircase up from Yonge Street.  The purpose of the box is to provide for basic food, and toiletries for those who are homeless or for those housed who are not able to make ends meet.  The box is now stocked and will be monitored every two days by members of the Outreach Committee for the first 5 weeks of operation, at which time we will evaluate the project.  We will be purchasing food applicable to be stored safely outside, and used by those who do not have cooking facilities.  As well, we will be stocking applicable foods from our current foodbank donations.  Please see the following photo, showing the types of foods we will be stocking.  Cans with a zip top are good for those on the street.  We will also stock some plastic cutlery, individual toilet rolls, toothpaste, masks, etc.
What you can do?

1. If you have ordered takeout and have plastic cutlery from that, we can use this.

2.  When the call goes out for volunteers to pick a week on the calendar to stock and monitor the box. please give it dutiful consideration.  If we all take a week, the job will not be onerous on anyone one person.

3.  Consider purchasing some of the types of items highlighted for donation, when you donate the foodbank.

4.  Pray that the box will serve its purpose and be received ‘kindly’ on the street.

Thanks, Lyne Webb
(Submitted on behalf of the Outreach & Social Justice Committee)


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