St. Mary’s 2022 Confirmation Program

This Lent, our parish has been leading a confirmation program for young adults as they continue to grow in their spiritual lives and begin the process of individually taking over their baptismal vows and pledging to journey more deeply in their walk of faith.  Our Confirmation program runs for 8 sessions and is ultimately leading up to our candidates participating in the Diocesan Confirmation Service at St. James Cathedral with Bishop Andrew Asbil.  Our Confirmation service will be occuring on Sunday, April 24th at 4:30 pm at St. James Cathedral.  Please click on the image of St. James Cathedral for a link to the Diocese for the Cathedral Address and additional details.



The weekend before the confirmation service, the video link to view this service online will be posted here.  Please check back on the day of the service and click our YouTube link below, to access the Service Live from St. James Cathedral.


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