Relief Support for the Bahamas


Hurricane Dorian has devastated the Bahamas. News footage shows the areas around Freeport to be unrecognizable, completely submerged in water.  In response to the immediate and urgent needs on the ground, PWRDF is receiving donations and sending financial support to Episcopal Relief and Development Agency of the Episcopal Church of the United States.  ERD is working through the Anglican Alliance, of which PWRDF is also a member, to support a response as the Anglican Diocese of the Bahamas and the Turks and Caicos begins to evaluate and assess the needs of local communities in the diocese.

How you can help!

Please keep the people affected by this disaster in your prayers.

Donations can be made:

online at, then click on Emergency Response.

by mail to; PWRDF, 80 Hayden Street, 3rd floor, Toronto, M4Y 3G2,

or by calling toll-free at; 1-866-308-7973 (do not leave credit card information on a voice mail),

or you can also give on the go, by texting PWRDF to 45678.


Thank you for your prayers and support!


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