Parish Resumption of Pre-Covid Activities Update

St. Mary’s Post – Covid  Updates 

St. Mary’s Wardens have been working with the Diocese and our Bishop’s to help plan a safe return to the activities and rhythms of parish life we enjoyed prior to Covid.  We have provided some information for members of our community below, to help share with the parish our post-covid planning that is being introduced over the summer of 2022.  We understand that many members may wish to follow more heightened protocols and invite everyone to participate in activities or new practices as you yourselves feel comfortable to do so.

Masking Mandate Lifted – June 5th, 2022
At the present time, all those who are attending services are able to choose if they would like to wear a mask or not. Everyone should feel comfortable to make their own personal decisions each week as they feel best for themselves and circumstances.

Resumption of Coffee Hour and Food Service within the church – June 5th, 2022
As the Diocese has lifted the requirements for masking, so too parishes are able again to serve drinks and food.  St. Mary’s has resumed our Coffee Hour activities after our main service and parish groups & tenants are able to server food at their functions.

Returning Distribution of Wine to Communion – July 3rd, 2022
On Sunday, July 3rd the common cup will be returned to use for the congregation to receive communion wine each week. At the present time individualized communion cups have not been authorized for use by the Bishop; any individuals who do not want to take the common cup are able to continue to receive the communion bread on its own.

Holy Water and Sacrament of Anointing – Fall 2022
Prior to Covid restrictions coming into effect in March of 2020, St. Mary’s had a regular monthly healing and anointing service, and also had available blessed Holy Water for parishioners to use upon entering the church.  The parish is planning to resume the offering of these rites and sacraments in the fall.

Vaccine Policy for Staff & Volunteers – Remains in effect
The bishops have shared that they are still mandating that all: volunteers, parish staff, and clergy continue to be vaccinated to carry out their duties and/or volunteer ministries. Requests from various parishes have recently been made to review this policy, but the Bishop’s office indicates that changes are not expected to occur at present.


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