commUNITY KIDS is going on a journey through God’s loving word!

Journey chronologically through the Bible, and discover friendship with Jesus throughout God’s story. Simply Loved features eight quarters of all-new content. Each quarter is divided into three units, each with its own featured Bible Memory Buddy. Every quarter explores the Old and New Testaments.

Click here to view the Scope & Sequence of this curriculum so you know exactly what your child will be experiencing!

We’ll be getting together on Zoom on the 2nd & 4th Wednesday of each month from 6:15-7:30pm to have fun together & learn all about how much God loves us, as told through his amazing story!


Here’s what you can expect in March & April:

Quarter 1 Unit 2 – GOD HAS A PLAN: WE CAN TRUST HIM! (Psalm 33:4)

Wed. Mar. 10 @ 6:15-7:30pm | God calls Abram (Genesis 12:1-8; 15:1-6)

Bottom Line: We can trust God even when we don’t understand! 

Wed. Mar. 24 @ 6:15-7:30pm | Isaac is born (Genesis 18:1-15; 21:1-7)

Bottom Line: We can trust God because God keeps His promises!

Wed. Apr. 14 @ 6:15-7:30pm | Jacob steals Esau’s blessing (Genesis 25:19-26; 27)

Bottom Line: We can trust God because He’s in control!

Wed. Apr. 28 @ 6:15-7:30pm | Jacob and Esau make peace (Genesis 32:3-12, 22-32; 33:1-11)

Bottom Line: We can trust God to help us get along! 


Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Potentially some game/craft supplies that Amanda will inform you of before the session.
  • Your excitement!

We can’t wait to launch this exciting new series and continue to build community! If your child is within the K-5 grade range, they are welcome to join us! For security reasons, we don’t publicly post our Zoom links. However, email if you’re interested in having your child participate and she will provide you with the login info! 


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