Special Memorial Announcement – Donation to st. Mary’s in honour of Gwen & Don Halliday

In Loving Memory of Gwen and Don Halliday

For many years the Archives Committee has tried to brighten and soften the gallery in Wrixon Hall, through exhibits of banners, plants or seasonal displays. A few years ago we were delighted to receive the donation of a very large antique chair, recycled from a North Toronto United Church. While the carvings and decorations were beautiful and the gallery seemed to be a perfect home, the condition of the springs on the seat precluded ever sitting on it.

Happily the chair has been completely repaired and restored and now resides in the former library area, adjacent to the Arnold Plot. Restorations were completed in time for Easter and the chair has been anonymously donated in loving memory of Gwen and Don Halliday, remembering their many years of faithful and dedicated service to the Church.


Norman McMullen,

       Chair, The Archives Committee


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