First Communion Program

St. Mary’s is currently running a first communion class for our younger members of the congregation.  There may be parents or family members that have noticed a desire on the part of their younger family members to participate in communion, but they may not be of the appropriate age or capacity for confirmation class.  To help include these discerning youth in our Eucharistic worship, St. Mary’s has embarked on a program of instruction for these youth, to prepare them for a deeper understanding of the mysteries of Holy Communion.

We will be running classes on Saturday afternoons from 3-4pm in Wrixon Hall and the Sunday School Room on April 27, May 4 and May 11.  These classes will prepare our candidates to receive their first communion at our May Family Service, on Sunday, May 19th.  There is no cost to participate in this program and all are welcome.  For more information, please speak to Fr. Matthew or the office.


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