Anglican Diocese of Toronto Vaccination Policy Update

Bishop Andrew Asbil, announced to all parishes in The Diocese of Toronto on Tuesday, September 14th a new diocesan wide vaccination policy.  This policy helps to clarify for members of our church, and the general public, how we as a community of faith will be ensuring the safety of the community and how we will work along side the vaccine passport systems now being enacted across Ontario.

(To read Bishop Andrew’s Letter to all Parishes, please click here.)




St. Mary’s will be adhering to the Vaccination policy of the Diocese of Toronto.  Here is a brief summary for how our parish will monitor and control access to our building for programs and worship.  For the full policy in detail, please click on the link at the bottom of this page.

  1. As of September 30th, all Clergy, Lay-Staff, Volunteers and Service Providers must have received their 2nd dose of Vaccine and have completed a 2 week waiting period since receiving their 2nd dose before working or undertaking any formal duties at the church.
  2. Individuals who work for the church or are senior volunteers, must show to our Senior Wardens (Sharon Hanns & Colin Webb) a record of receiving their 2nd dose of vaccine, to verify their vaccination status.
  3. Individuals attending worship or on-site programs/activities will not be asked for their vaccination status.  Only those in leadership roles or in staff positions will need to verify proof of vaccination status.
  4. Tenants and Outside Groups using St. Mary’s will also be required to follow our guidelines, but will manage their own records for privacy purposes.
  5. All those inside the building will continue to be required to remain masked while in the building.


Should any individuals have further questions about this policy or need any guidance about providing your vaccine information to our Wardens, please feel free to contact Sharon Hanns.  Sharon will be happy to arrange for the viewing of individual vaccine records or help to provide answers to any questions you may have.  If you do not have Sharon’s contact information, please contact the office and we can provide it for you.


Please click on the graphic below to download a copy of the formal policy.




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