All Anglican Churches Are To Remain Closed – Gardens Open

On Monday, June 8th the Premier of Ontario announced that different parts of our province would be allowed to move into phase 2 of Ontario’s re-opening plan.  This is good news as we continue to make headway on reducing the case numbers and stopping community transmission.

Even though churches were given the opportunity to explore safe re-opening during this announcement, the Anglican Diocese of Toronto has indicated that all Anglican Churches will continue to remain closed until September.

Our Bishop’s have asked all parishes to work on re-opening plans, which we are beginning to do.  Our primary concern is to help protect those at greatest risk and not put any in harms way.  The Lutheran Church has also taken the same decision and will not be reopening until September as well.  As material comes to us from the Diocese about re-opening protocols and schedules, we will post all communication for you to be able to read.


However, while our building remains closed for services and programs, our outdoor spaces do remain open!

St. Mary’s Gardening Group has been at work the last month, while observing a safe social distancing protocol.  The St. Mary’s Gardens are in beautiful shape and if you want to come and sit in them and enjoy some rest and fresh air, please know the church gardens are open for public use as long as we follow social distancing guidance of keeping 6 feet between members of different households.

Thanks to our Gardening Team and enjoy some beautiful pictures of St. Mary’s Gardens.

Blessings, Fr. Matthew+


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