Announcement of new Parish Appointment for Father Matthew

My friends,

During our services this morning, it was announced that I have been appointed to a new parish and will be concluding my ministry at St. Mary’s.  It has been a joy and blessing to serve you as your parish priest for the last 5 years, and I thank you for this opportunity and blessing.

I have been called to serve in the Parish of St. Peter’s Anglican Church in Cobourg.  I have been given the charge to help lead the parish through the final phases of a building and restoration project that has kept the parish out of their beloved church since 2018.  My last Sunday at St. Mary’s will be November 20th and I will begin my duties in Cobourg in December.

I am thankful for the opportunities that our family has experienced here at St. Mary’s.  This congregation has strong leaders, rich ministries, and a deep call to serve others.  With the support of our Bishops, St. Mary’s will be encouraged and guided as the parish journeys through this transition.  Shortly Bishop Andrew Asbil will be in-touch with the Wardens to help guide and support St. Mary’s during this transition.

Pam, Riley, Keely, Molly, Dougal and I, are beyond thankful for all of the love and blessings we’ve shared here in Richmond Hill.  I ask for your prayers for our family, as we embark on this transition to a new parish and a new community.

I have been honoured and blessed to serve these past 5 years as your parish priest.


Thank you,

Fr. Matthew+


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