This year for our Advent Kids Talks, we will be focusing on the main points of the Advent Conspiracy:

  1. Worship Fully
  2. Spend Less
  3. Give More
  4. Love All

We will be talking briefly about these points and focusing on what they mean for us as followers of Jesus!

Check out this intro video for more info:

There will be new activities that correspond with each week’s talk, along with bonus content/activities below! So make sure you bookmark this page so you’ll have easy access to the new activities every week!

Week 1: Worship Fully

Christmas is all about Jesus! I will worship Him fully with my heart, mind, and actions!

Wk1 Worship Fully Coloring Sheet

Wk1 Worship Fully Memory Verse (for 4-7 year olds)

Wk1 Worship Fully Memory Verse (for 8-11 year olds)

Week 2: Spend Less

Let’s spend a little less on ourselves and use the money we saved to help others this Christmas

Wk2 Spend Less Coloring Sheet

Wk2 Spend Less Memory Verse (ages 4-7)

Wk2 Spend Less Memory Verse (ages 8-11)

Week 3: Give More

We’ll give more of ourselves and spend time with the people we love

Wk3 Give More Coloring Sheet

Wk3 Give More Memory Verse (ages 4-7)

Wk3 Give More Memory Verse (ages 8-11)

Week 4: Love All

Jesus came for all people, including us. We’ll love and serve all people, as a reminder of how much God loves us!

Wk4 Love All Coloring Sheet

Wk4 Love All Memory Verse (ages 4-7)

Wk4 Love All Memory Verse (ages 8-11)

Bonus Content


Word Scramble


Word Search

Christmas Placemat

Kids Coupon Booklet

Christmas Music Playlist for Kids (Spotify)


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