Father’s Day & 3rd after Pentecost Children’s Worship Resources

Dear friends;

As our worship continues week by week, St. Mary’s would like to offer this opportunity for some downloadable resources for our younger members to use at home, as we participate in our worship from a safe space.

This week we have posted a children’s video presentation focusing on one of this Sunday’s readings that is not used in our service today, but is part of the lectionary readings for Father’s Day Weekend and the 3rd Sunday after Pentecost.  The Gospel Story from Matthew 10: 24-39 today shares words from Jesus as he sends his 12 friends out to bless others and open their hearts to God.  He reminds them that this will be a challenge, but he’ll always be there for them.  Please explore our Sunday activities as you help your youth explore these themes.

Happy Father’s Day!

  Fr. Matthew+


Children’s Video Lesson


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